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Stage size (from 1 feet tall and 3 feet high), size back curtain set

Live band

Europe. Beauty., professional audio equipment, lighting, Musical Instruments, 

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XXXX program entertainment production co., LTD. Is a rich experience, diversity and "one-stop" work style entertainment production company, no matter the ducting, occasions, our company can provide a professional and innovative program arrangement, wonderful content, in all shapes and sizes, including: stage production, sound lamplight, singer singing and dancing performance, artist arrangement, show master of ceremonies, clowns torsional wave/walking on stilts, magic, acrobatic, suddenly turn hostile, shredded paper art performances, kung fu, live band, sen and dance, African drum, Philippine band, dumb show, puppetry, cartoon figures, inflatable bomb bed, karaoke competition, market performances, publicity activities, model, annual dinner, wedding banquet, various types of birthday party, singing and dancing

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Singer performing production, audio, lighting, live band